Photo: Brittany Sharday Photography ©2018

About ORO House

ORO House is the collective efforts of Adia Jamille and Ernesto. As a family of makers we created a space that is way for us to work together, and to support one another, while pursuing our individual dreams and goals.

The name ORO House is a way for us to honor our youngest and tiniest member that transitioned back home after 6 short weeks of life. His name was Osiel Ramone Olguin, O.R.O. He was our golden child and we created ORO House as a reminder of him, and all that he taught us about life during his short visit here on Earth. Through ORO House we are reminded of the strength of our familial bonds and that we are able to do what ever we set our minds to.

We thank you for supporting us in our dream, and hope that you find something to help make your own life a little more beautiful.